Zero Waste Schools

Kids holdin earthThe Zero Waste Schools program is a collaboration between multiple agencies that expands throughout the Monterey Peninsula. This program is an innovative and collaborative program which assists Monterey Peninsula schools in institutionalizing on campus recycling, composting and reducing / reusing programs while instilling in students and school staff a sense of environmental stewardship.

MPUSD School Recycling Program
A comprehensive school recycling program has been launched throughout the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District thanks to a vast collaborative effort between multiple agencies including the City of Monterey, The Monterey Regional Waste Management District, Waste Management Monterey City Disposal Service and MPUSD.  

Working closely with MPUSD staff, this recycling and waste reduction program was developed to be consistent throughout the district and to involve all staff and students for a sustainable joint effort. Implemented as a three phase waste reduction program, this project will target classrooms and administrative areas, exterior spaces and cafeterias, addressing food waste in the final phase. The ultimate goal of this project includes a minimum of 20% reduction in waste, resulting in a potential savings of thousands of dollars to the school district.

Project staff has worked diligently during the 2010-2011 school year to implement Phase 1 of this program, which included the installation of recycling containers throughout campus facilities, providing education and assistance to thousands of MPUSD staff and students via assemblies, presentations, and tours.  

This program is an important addition to the education and environmental programs at the Monterey Bay area schools, as it supports environmental stewardship at home and schools, as well as compliments existing recycling programs available throughout the region. Now it is possible to recycle at home, at school, at work and at play.  This comprehensive school waste reduction effort has been made possible through the funding and support of the partner organizations.
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