Household Recycling

Recycling at home is an easy way to keep waste out of the landfills and help Monterey reach its goal of Zero Waste. Remember to reduce what you use, reuse what you can, and recycle or donate the rest. SOME OTHER WAYS TO REDUCE WASTE:
Reducing Waste At Home
Reusable signSustainability starts at home with the everyday choices you make such as using reusable bags while shopping, purchasing durable goods, or repairing items instead of sending them to the landfill. Used items can be donated to thrift stores, sold at garage sales or given away through websites such as FreeCycle.

When remodeling or building a new home, invest in Energy Star rated appliances and apply for rebates available from local agencies and retailers. Follow the City of Monterey Building Inspection Division for Green Building Ordinance information.
For more Zero Waste information, visit our Zero Waste section.

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Waste Hauler

MCDS (Monterey City Disposal Service) is one of the last independently-owned recycling and waste collection haulers and processors.

MCDS provides commercial and residential collection of waste and recycling in Monterey.

10 Ryan Ranch Road
Monterey, CA 93940
(831) 372-7977

Why Recycle in One Cart? It's easier and saves time, reduces fuel costs and allows service trucks to hold more materials before going to the MRF (Materials Recycling Facility) to sort the material. New recycling technology allows non-contaminated materials to be sorted more easily and efficiently.





Blue Cart Recycling Reminders:
  • Do not use plastic bags to hold your recyclables except for SHREDDED PAPER and bundled PLASTIC BAGS.
  • Make sure items are CLEAN and EMPTY.
  • Keep cart lids closed at all times.
  • Before discarding, consider reusing or donating.

Ceramics, Window glass, Drinking glasses, Light bulbs, Food and food contaminated items, Garbage, Organic or green waste materials, Styrofoam, Styrofoam packing peanuts, Metal pipe or plumbing fixtures, Appliances, Hazardous Waste
    NOTE: Contaminated recycling will either be handled as trash or not collected. Fees apply if hauled as trash.
    If you are a Monterey city resident, you can order a green yard waste bin from Monterey Disposal Service. No fees to standard residential units - you use a brown, blue and green cart. Fees apply to apartments and other types of services. Call Monterey Disposal at (831) 327-7977 for service.

    Yard waste containers are not for food waste or compostable products such as food containers or coffee cups. The best way to compost these types of materials is to start your own home composting program!

    OK for Yard Waste Recycling:


    brush and leaves brush & leaves
    cuttings flowers, garden & shrub cuttings
    grass trimmings grass trimmings & lawn clippings
    tree limbs tree limbs up to 3 inches in diameter (less than 3-foot long
    wood chips wood chips
    Do Not Include
    rocks and concrete
    sod and dirt
    building materials
    large tree trunks and stumps greater than 4 inches in diameter or more than 3 feet in length
    palm fronds
    ice plants
    cat and dog waste or litter

    *Note: Extra yard waste is not collected in any container other that a Monterey City Disposal Service supplied yard waste cart. Additional yard waste carts can be obtained from Monterey City Disposal Service for an additional $4.90 per month charge. We cannot pick up yardwaste in bags as bags are considered a contaminant. Contaminated yard waste will be picked up as trash and you will be billed $9.44, or it will be left on the curb.

    Weekly Garbage Service

    OK for GARBAGE...

    6-pack rings (please cut)
    Auto Glass
    Binders (plastic)
    Carbon paper
    Children’s toys
    Cosmetic Containers
    Cotton Balls
    Computer Disks
    Contaminated Paper
    Deodorant Casing
    Drinking glasses
    Feminine Products
    Foam (all types)
    Food and snack waste
    Hangers (dry cleaners
    will take back hangers)
    Hardbound books
    Ice cream wrappers
    Metallic wrapping paper
    Packing peanuts (or take
    to a shipping store)
    Paper clips
    Papers used for
    cleaning (soiled)
    Pencils with erasers
    Pet feces
    Plastic plants
    Plastic bags (or recycle
    at grocery stores)
    Plastics (unmarked
    with #1-#5)
    Shoes (unwanted or
    can’t be donated)
    Shower curtains, liners
    Stir sticks (plastic)
    Stuffed animals, toys
    Tempered Glass
    (Corning, Pyrex)
    Toothpaste tubes
    Transparencies, microfilm,
    negatives (acetate)
    Laminated items
    Light bulbs (no fluorescent)
    Liquids (non-food)
    Metal Cable wire
    Utensils (plastic)
    Vacuum cleaner bags
    Window Glass
    Wood (treated)
    Records, tapes, cds
    Report covers (plastic)
    Rubber bands

    • Materials must fit inside cart with lid closed
    • Before discarding items, consider reuse or donating
    • Place only trash in garbage cart
    • Place cart at the curb by 6 a.m. or the night before