Energy Rebate Programs

It Pays to Save Water and Energy

These rebate programs are yet another way to help you save energy, money and our natural resources. When purchasing new appliances for your home, consider looking at those that use less energy or less water, but still get the job done. In an effort to encourage the switch to these ultra-efficient types of appliances, many organizations, like your local water company as well as larger ones like PG&E, offer cash rebates for customers who purchase certain pre-qualified appliances. Sometimes these rebates can offset the increased costs for purchasing the ultra-efficient models.

Don't forget to check at the stores for their own rebate programs. Additionally, staff at appliance stores will have the most up-to-date information about the latest energy-efficient products.

refrigerator Recycle your Appliances

Did you know that PG&E offers $35 rebates for recycling your old (working) refrigerator? If it's over 10 years old, it could be using up to three times more energy than newer models. PG&E will pick it up and pay you $35.
Recycle that old room air conditioner that just blows tepid air. PG&E will take that off your hands and give you $25. Refrigerators and freezers have components or fluids that can be hazardous or toxic. Arrange to have them recycled safely. For more information or specific details about the program, visit the PG&E website.