Buy Local Monterey

Did You Know?
The City offers free parking for residents showing licenses with 939... zip codes at the following locations:
  • Waterfront Lot - (off Washington enter behind Urgent Care), first two hours free parking (for access to Fisherman's  Wharf business District)
  • Cannery Row Garage, after 4 p.m. free for locals (for access to Cannery Row) - after 4 p.m. free for locals
Buy Local When you shop at locally-owned stores, more of your dollars recirculate within the community through taxes, employment, and philanthropic support for local groups. The City of Monterey has some very unique and enticing shopping districts for tourists and locals alike - everything you need is right at your doorstep.

Every dollar spent in Monterey helps sustain the economic vitality of our community by supporting:

  1. Our local businesses;
  2. Our friends and neighbors who are employed by these businesses, and last, but not least;
  3. Many of the City programs and services enjoyed by our residents, from the Sports Center to the Library.

The City’s Finance Department estimates that if people just spent 10% of what they purchase outside of Monterey or online – at local stores in Monterey – that 10% (ten cents on each dollar) would create $500,000 dollars in revenue for the City’s General Fund. That’s a half million dollars worth of support for City programs, from Whispering Pines Day camp to senior activities and street re-surfacing…for a 10% change in where you choose to spend your money.
Shopping locally also is good for our environment. Less time spent in our cars helps reduce our carbon footprint and means more time enjoying our beautiful city. Buying local also often eliminates costs of high transportation fees.

Buy Local - Be Local. Support your community today!

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