Downtown Specific Plan

Development of a Specific Plan for Downtown Monterey is currently underway. The project area consists of approximately 62 acres and is bordered by Del Monte Avenue to north, Pacific Street to the west, Hartnell/Fremont/Webster Streets to the south, and Camino El Estero to the east (Planning Area Map). Pursuant to California law, local governments can use Specific Plans as tools to plan for needed revitalization and change, both in existing neighborhoods and new development areas. Specific Plans provide greater planning and design guidance than can be included in a General Plan, and they allow local governments the ability to address complex land ownership patterns and infrastructure needs. Specific Plans can jump-start new development in depressed areas, and can ensure that the public gets the quality it desires in any new development.

The vision of the Downtown Specific Plan is to foster and improve the Downtown as Monterey's City center. The plan will provide guidance for the development of transit-oriented, mixed-use development as directed by the City of Monterey General Plan goals and policies. This project will be accomplished through creative and direct community engagement.

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