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George Helms
General Services Manager

Jon Anderson
Building Maint. Supervisor, Presidio

Dan Williams
Building Maint. Supervisor, City

PJ Kinze-Garcia
Maintenance Technician

Marina Fernandes
Administrative Assistant I
General Services The General Services Division is committed to implementing energy efficiency upgrades and other projects to save money on utilities and reduce the consumption of resources such as electricity, natural gas and water.
Recently completed, ongoing and planned projects include interior and exterior lighting upgrades at City facilities such as the Sports Center and Conference Center, street lights, parking garages and parking lot lights, and pathway lights along the coastal recreation trail.
Other efficiency projects include heating and ventilation system upgrades at City buildings, variable frequency drives for air handlers and pumps, and occupancy sensor controls. Water conservation projects include the installation of dual-flush toilets and waterless urinals throughout City buildings and public restrooms.
Energy generation projects include solar photo-voltaic panels and solar thermal at various City buildings. Also planned is the installation of a gas burning turbine at the Sports Center for the co-generation of both electricity and heat to power the facility.
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