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The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) provides for new construction, expansion, renovation, replacement, upgrade, or rehabilitation of a fixed object or asset (such as storm drains, streets, or public buildings), with an anticipated life exceeding one year, and a cost exceeding $10,000. CIP designates infrastructure projects to be funded through the general fund, gas tax revenues (for street projects), sewer fees, parking revenue (for parking projects), and other special revenue or grant programs.
On July 2, 2014 the City Council approved the CIP budget to include 22 capital projects totaling $3.2 million. Projects funded include sidewalk repairs, street resurfacing, Library roof replacement, and many more.
CIP Projects by FY
These project documents are posted in PDF and include both NIP and CIP projects. The fiscal year runs July 1 through June 30.

FY 2015-16 (NIP) and 2015-17 (CIP)
FY 2014-15
FY 2013-14
FY 2012-13
FY 2011-12
FY 2010-11
FY 2009-10
FY 2008-09
FY 2007-08
FY 2006-07