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About the Code

Monterey City Code

Monterey is one of over a hundred charter cities in the State of California. A Charter City is governed on the basis of a charter, similar to a constitution, that establishes the powers and authorities of the city as opposed to a General Law City that enjoys only those powers specifically granted to it by the State. Changes to a Charter must be approved by a vote of the citizens of Monterey.

The Monterey Municipal Code (M.C.C.) is a compilation of the City Charter and all ordinances adopted by the Council. Currently there are 39 chapters in the code in addition to the Charter. Some M.C.C. chapters are referred to as ordinances. When used this way the term ordinance does not mean a single legislative action, but a compilation of all legislative actions on a particular topic. For example, M.C.C Chapters 33 and 38 are adopted and cited as the Zoning Ordinance and the Subdivision Ordinance.

Guide to Ordinances

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Citizen's Guide to Residential Ordinances

This is your guide to key City ordinances pertaining to residential property. This guide is designed to help the citizens of Monterey better understand the City’s codes and requirements that relate to residential property owners.
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The beauty, peacefulness and safety of our neighborhoods make Monterey one of the most desirable places to live in the country. Code Compliance plays an important role in maintaining the quality of our neighborhoods.

Code Compliance deals with a range of neighborhood issues, from abandoned vehicles parked in yards or driveways to illegal conversions of garages into living spaces and unsanitary buildup of trash and debris on private property.

The first “tool” in enforcing codes in Monterey is public education. When we explain that a law is being broken, most problems are resolved quickly. Actual code compliance (usually by way of issuing citations) is normally used only when we don’t gain voluntary cooperation. We stay in contact with community groups to understand local concerns, and we welcome all questions regarding your neighborhood issues.
Compliance Examples

The City receives questions about code enforcement issues almost daily. Here we try to answer some of the more recently asked questions.

Pocket motorcycles cannot be operated on City streets, sidewalks or other roadways, as they do not meet registration requirements. For more info, visit the CHP Web site at www.chp.ca.gov
Motorized scooters (as defined in the CA Vehicle Code section 407.5) can be operated on City streets that have a speed limit of 25 mph or less. Operators must be at least 16 years old and possess a valid driver license or instruction permit. Helmets are required.
Any violations should be reported to the Police Department at 646-3914.

Camping and sleeping in motor vehicles or trailers overnight is prohibited by City code.
Camping in Monterey is allowed at Veteran’s Memorial Park. If you have a specific complaint, check with our Code Enforcement Office at 646-3750. Be prepared to give details. Please note that the complaining party’s name, address and phone number are required, as no anonymous complaints will be taken. After normal work hours, contact the Police Department.

Vehicles can be parked on City streets in approved parking areas as long as they are currently registered and are moved every 72 hours, unless a shorter time limit is posted. Specific complaints should go to our Code Enforcement Office.

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