Cementerio El Encinal

"Cemetery of Many Oaks"

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Cementerio el Encinal
601 Fremont Street
Monterey CA 93940
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Robert Gordon
Park Maintenance Lead Worker

Historic Cemetery

A quiet stroll through the cemetery evokes memories of such celebrated local as 'Doc' Ricketts, long-time companion of John Steinbeck; Flora Adams, infamous "madame" of Cannery Row; Sam Powers, bronc buster, stagecoach driver, and 17-Mile-Drive gatekeeper; Jack Swan, founder of California's First Theater; William Robinson, Monterey's first sheriff; and Emma Johnson, who took her place in the annals of Monterey history simply because "she was always right."

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Cemetery IconCementerio El Encinal, in the heart of downtown Monterey, is situated in a beautiful park-like setting that overlooks El Estero Lake. The silence and serenity of the cemetery's gently sweeping lawns and historic monuments can be deceiving. Generations of Monterey families and many of those colorful characters who defined our beautiful bayside city now rest amid its sentinel oaks, forever woven like vibrant threads into the tapestry of Monterey's past.

For decades, this historic cemetery facility has been maintained and operated by the City of Monterey and continues today to provide local families with a broad range of burial services and assistance.

The City of Monterey has a cemetery business office and columbarium facilities with the Lakeside expansion several years ago. Both structures were designed to include a rich blend of adobe wall veneer, mission tile roof trim, and clay tile floors, that enhance and blend with the Cemetery's historic character.

The Lakeside columbarium expands the cemetery's previous burial capacity with the addition of 1,200 polished granite niches, which are all housed within this concrete structure. This beautiful memorial is partially recessed into a gently sloping lawn area overlooking the east side of Lake El Estero.
The installation of native plantings and 300 additional lawn-covered grave sites in the cemetery's Lakeside section further enhances the cemetery's burial capacity and scenic ambiance. The cemetery office provides a comfortable and convenient setting for personal planning consultations with City cemetery staff.

Burial and Other Services
The City of Monterey provides a full range of burial services:
  1. Site or niche selection - Our staff will assist you in selecting the type of burial site that best meets the needs of you and your family:
    • Standard burial sites
    • Double-depth burial sites
    • Half graves (for cremations)
    • Columbarium niches (single and double)
  2. Interment and cremation services - You can make arrangements for the kind of burial you and your family desire.
  3. Deed preparation and transferal - We will assist you with deed preparation, recording, and transfer of plot ownership.
  4. Family, clergy, and mortuary coordination - Proper coordination of all burial services is a fundamental part of the City's full-service burial assistance program.
  5. Graveside services - Our staff will not only take care of all the logistics for the graveside service, but will assist you and your family before, during, and immediately after the service.
  6. Special ethnic ceremonial accommodations - We will work with you and your family to help you honor any special ethnic burial traditions.
  7. Setting gravesite markers - After the burial service, cemetery staff will set the site marker and place flower vases as you so direct.
  8. Perpetual care - The City provides perpetual care and maintenance of all grave sites and niches in order to preserve the beauty of the setting and the memory of your loved ones.
  9. Payment assistance - If necessary, you can arrange payments that fit your financial needs.
  10. Planning for future needs -

We can assist you with pre-planning, site selection, and any other future burial arrangements you may desire.