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The City of Monterey operates 31 parking facilities with approximately 3,500 off-street parking spaces. Our facilities range from 10-space parking lots to the 1003-space Cannery Row Parking Garage. For your convenience parking lots and garages are located throughout the City. Affordable, safe and clean parking is never more than a few blocks away from where you want to be! In addition to off-street parking spaces, there are over 3,000 on-street spaces in the Downtown, Cannery Row and Lighthouse areas of the City. 

The City's parking management program is designed to improve parking and traffic flow in our City. The Parking Division works with businesses, residents, institutions and visitors alike to meet their diverse parking needs. We count on the support and cooperation of everyone to make our parking management program a success and to enhance pedestrian safety, smooth traffic flow and to allow public transit and emergency vehicles to reach their destinations. The Parking Division operates under the Community Services Department.

EV Charging
EV Charging Station
The City has four electric vehicle charging areas and a total of six stations:
  • Downtown West Parking Garage, 340 Tyler Street; 2 Stations, Free 4 hour maximum parking.
  • Calle Principal Garage,440 Calle Prinicpal Street, 2 Stations, $0.75 per hour to park, 4 hour maximum.
  • Behind City Hall on Dutra Street. (120 volt plug in)
  • On Pearl Street and Camino El Estero, next to the cemetery across from the Youth Center. (120 volt plug in)
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