Innovation Matrix

2009 to present

What is the Innovation Matrix?
The Innovation Matrix is a log that began in 2009 to document the technology innovations taking place at the City of Monterey. As technology grows it changes the way government operates, engages citizens, and conducts business. Just as "Web 2.0" has changed our daily lives, "Gov 2.0" has changed how governments manage operations: finding better ways to manage the citizen experience, making it easier for citizens to find what they need, expanding online services for 24/7 access, combining resources to facilitate cost savings, taking opportunities to interact and educate through social media.  We continue to add to the Innovation Matrix as new transformations are set in place.

The Innovation Matrix is guided by the Council Vision, Mission, Value Drivers and Strategic Initiatives. Learn more here...

Information Technology Summary 2013-14 Adobe PDF

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I-SEARCH MontereyWeb-based search engine for all City Boards & Commissions agendas, minutes, reportsIncreases government transparency by making City documents easily accessible to the public. Automates a largely paper process.Saves staff time preparing documentation for Council and other B & C meetings; saves paper, copying and mailing costs. Reduces staff time researching public and employee requests for information.
Electronic Content Management (ECM) Automates a largely paper process.Reduces staff time researching public and employee requests for information.
Fire ConsolidationCompleted consolidation of Monterey, Pacific Grove, and Carmel-by-the-Sea fire departments. (Additional fire & emergency services contracts with Sand City, Presidio of Monterey, Naval Postgraduate School, La Mesa Village, and Carmel Ambulance.)Reduced management overhead for all jurisdictions while maintaining fire & emergency response service levels.Reduces Fire management and administrative overhead costs. MFD general fund budget is offset by over 25% through shared fire headquarters costs, reimbursed by contracted fire service fees.
Program BudgetingPriority-based budgeting was the first step in the this effort to build future budgets based on what the City can afford.Moves away from the line-item budgeting to budgeting based on program costs.Will show true cost of programs and determine if fees cover costs.
Online PaymentsAccelerated adoption of web-based payment systems across the organization.Signature requirements lifted increasing use of Recreation’s web-based class registration and payments.4/09 - 3/10 Revenue: $35,428  Number of Households using: 1,339  4/10-3/11  Revenue:$212,103 Number of Households using: 6,301            
Online PaymentsBusiness License TaxAllows businesses to pay the Business License Tax via the web 
Online PaymentsParking Permit RenewalsAllows citizens to renew parking permit through the web.More convenient for citizens and reduces staff time.
Online PaymentsLibrary fines & donationsAllows Library patrons to pay fines and make donations via the web.$8893 fines collected; $1735 donations collected. Saves staff time for processing payments.
Monterey Peninsula Special Response Unit (SRU)Regional team specially trained to respond to critical incidents such as an active shooter, barricaded suspect, hostage situation, or other high risk event involving armed individuals.This team pools and shares local public resources Regionalizes the delivery of services
Evidence On QA barcode system that tracks items housed in MPD’s evidence depository. Increases efficiency and accuracy
Mobile Audio Video Recording System (MAVRS)Video & audio recordings of police activity e.g. traffic stops, pedestrian contacts, pursuits, interviews, etc.Enhance officer safety, significant evidentiary value, and improve department training.Valuable risk management tool and a quality control measure.
VTI and CalCardsOnline timecards and City credit cardsReplaces manual system; POs for purchases under $3,000Reduces internal processing time and paperwork
Online job applications (NEOGOV)Web-based job application systemStreamlines HR’s recruitment processEasier for applicants, saves times for HR staff who now don’t have to enter applicant information.
PCI compliant credit card gatewaySecure online credit card processingRecreation / MSCReduced gateway costs by approximately $2000 a year, even with increasing number of credit card transactions.
Other credit cardsParking pay stations on the Waterfront and Cannery RowReplaces parking meters with pay stations that allow credit card payments for parking.Increased parking revenue by 12% on the Waterfront and 20% Cannery Row; increased customer satisfaction; reduced maintenance.
Web-based EOC Management, E-SPONDERSoftware program that helps management of emergency operationsTransition from a manual to a web-based EOC systemMakes all information, forms, etc. for an incident available online; tracks costs for reimbursements.
Social MediaThe City and several departments create and maintain FaceBook pages.Allows the City to communicate with younger people in the way they prefer to receive information.FaceBook and YouTube cost $0 and reach people beyond Monterey’s borders; great visitor and program marketing tools.
Social MediaCity videos on YouTubeAllows the City to visually showcase its assets beyond its borders.Monterey videos get tens of thousands of viewers who are potential visitors.
Online publicationsNewsletters, brochures, etc are now web-based and delivered through a email marketing program.Costly printed materials are now designed, produced and delivered through the web and email.Reduces printing costs by $10s of thousands per publication and saves staff time.
Constant Contact and Survey MonkeyEmail distribution of newsletters and surveysCitizens sign up for information they want to receive.Saves $10s of thousands in printing, postage – and staff time.
New Web site using CMSThe City launched a new website in early June 2011The new site replaces the current site that is built on outdated software the vendor no longer supports.Replaces specialized and unsupported software installed on individual desktops with a web-based program that is less expensive and easier for staff to update. Benefits to public include easily accessible, up to date site with more capability. The site also more closely meets disability guidelines.
Two-tiered RetirementFirefighters and fire management approved 2 @ 50 for new employees.Current retirement of 3 @ 50 will be lowered over time.Reduces future PERS liability
Increased PERS contributionsFirefighters and fire management approved increase in the amount of salary they contribute to PERS retirement.Firefighters and fire management will contribute 12% to their retirement, up from 9%.Reduces the City’s cost for PERS and its liability.
Planning One-stop ShopApplicants submit projects and pay fees in one placeConsolidates processes from various officesMore convenient for citizens; saves staff time
Permits Plus upgradeElectronic reports for current planning effortsAllows employees in Planning, Permits and Code Enforcement to share informationReduces clerical time tracking the status of applications
Planning Software TrainingStaff trained in GIS, Sketchup and AutoCadEnables creation of maps, electronic models and data collection.Saves money on consultants; enhances staff skills.
Plans on the Web All major planning documents are online Increases transparency; reduces hard copy requests
New Cell Phone PolicyGives qualified City employees cell phone reimbursementMoves responsibility for ownership and maintenance of City cell phones to employees.Cost reductions; reduces IT staff time managing cell phones
Mobile Device ServerGives mobile employees access to email, calendar and contacts Improves productivity and responsiveness
Mobile Data TerminalsInstalled in Parks, Building Maintenance, Permits and Fire vehiclesAllows mobile employees to connect with City software applications from their vehiclesIncreases information sharing and improves productivity
Hansen upgradeImproves web-based citizen service requests and tracking. Easier for citizens to request service and track progress.
Technology TrainingGives users guidance to effectively use many city technologies. Helps new employees and employees in new positions become more productive more quickly.
Microsoft Active DirectorySingle user ID and password Streamlines security maintenance
Network ReliabilityRelocated data systems and I-Net to more secure and reliable Corp Yard facility. Extended the City network into the DLI Incident Operations Center.More reliable back-up power generators to keep networks up and running in an emergency. Enables communications between IOC and EOC.  
Employee DirectoryShared directory listingsEliminates maintenance of redundant directories in HR, IT and Finance.Saves staff time updating directories in each department by sharing information.
Online Printer SuppliesAllows staff to order printer cartridges and fax toner directly from the vendor.Removes IT staff from the ordering process.Saves IT staff time
Power Saving Software  Reduces energy consumption on all city computers
IT Remote Access Allows IT staff to assist employees with computer issues remotely. Software can be deployed remotely.IT staff can access employee computers remotely and fix problems.Saves staff time citywide with faster fixes, upgrades and less work disruption.
Data Transformation / SQL ServerExtracts data from one type of database and imports it into another.  
Technology Asset ManagementManages all city technology from a single database.Provides real-time budgeting and inventory reports. Bar coding 
Video ConferencingSeveral conference rooms outfitted with computers, monitors and TV cameras.  Reduces employee travel costs
Virtual Server InfrastructureKey business applications moved to virtual systems positioned with backup generators.Minimizes downtime during power outages, software and hardware upgrades and system failures.Reduces power consumption and maintenance. Saves IT travel time and overtime. Reduces power consumption, carbon footprint, maintenance and more cost effective than traditional servers.
Team Collaboration ToolsEnhanced team communications, project planning, management and file sharing.  
TrackIt Work Order SystemExtended use of existing software to other departments to manage their work requests.Allows tracking and status of requests to the Finance and the Communications Depts. 
Utility Manager upgradeMoved program from highly restrictive to SQL database.Program now retains historic utility use info for analysis.Analysis could lead to cost savings on energy use.
GIS Web-based map applications for Fire, Planning, CemeteryProvides easy access to maps with data needed by various departments.Saves staff time. Allows public access to property and plot plans.
TelestaffScheduling software for the fire department.Paper forms, cumbersome Excel spreadsheets, and complex daily phone calls by staff are replaced by automated scheduling software that backfills vacancies via recorded choices sent by auto-dialed phone messages to available off-duty employees based on hierarchy of qualifications and rotation lists, then exports data to VTI timesheets for payroll processing.Improves efficiencies and accuracy of scheduling and payroll processing. Saves station crew and administrative staff's time scheduling staffing and processing payroll information.
Virtual Private NetworkConnects Monterey and PG Fire stations and the Museum Vault  
EOC improvements6 monitor station for planning and 4 large monitors for EOC Allows simultaneous display of critical information in the EOC. 
Marina SQL systemConverts stand-alone system to integrated oneProvides interface with gate/camera system at the marina. More employee access to the system. Compliant now for processing credit card payments. 
Library LaptopsNew public checkout of laptop computers and bookmobile outfitted with laptops Improved customer service
Library public computer upgradesAllow wireless printing, web reservations. Time management software Improved customer service
Library Mobile AppWebsite for mobile devicesCatalog search, requests, account access 
Library Incident DatabaseReplaces manual processKeyword searchableSaves staff time
Updated Regulatory DocumentsUpdates regulations and streamlines reviewsStreamlines processes in PlanningSaves staff time and makes it easier for the public
Specific & Master Plan updatesStaff is preparing plans due to in house expertise Saves $500,000-750,000 in consulting fees
Zoning & General Plan Map UpdateTo achieve consistency. Required by state law. Reduces legal liability
Parking Pay StationsReplaces meters with credit card option pay stations. Revenue increases: 20% Cannery Row; 12% Waterfront. Fewer service calls.
Auto VU Parking ScooterMobile license plate recognition systemAutomates tire chaulking and ticket citation processOfficers patrol larger areas in less time
Activities GuideExtract brochure info from RecTrac directly; reduction in the number of printed copiesReplaces manual system; market the online versionSaves 120 hours of staff time per year; Saves $13,000 in printing costs per year
Recreation DonationPublic donations via credit card are accepted online Easier to process donations and receipts are automatically generated.
Biometric SensorsFinger vein reading ID system for guests at the Sports Center.Replaces plastic ID cardsPotential saving of thousands of dollars in ID printing and maintenance costs.