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Original Focus, 1985

First published City Focus, Summer 1985

The City Focus newsletter has been published since 1985 and has gone from a print publication to an online and video newsletter. Read the latest issue here or browse through back issues, including the first issue.

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Back issues in PDF
IssueFeature ArticlePDF LinkNumberSorted By Number In Descending Order
Fall 2013For the LOVE of MontereyCityFocus_Fall2013.pdfVolume XXVIII, No. 4
Summer 2013Planning Projects MilestoneCityFocus_Summer2013.pdfVolume XXVIII, No. 3
Spring 2013Spring Renewal ProjectsCityFocus_Spring2013.pdfVolume XXVIII, No. 2
Winter 2012/13New Council Sworn into OfficeCityFocus_Winter2013.pdfVolume XXVIII, No. 1
Fall 2012Success Breeds Success: A Military-Municipal Partnership Success StoryCityFocus_Fall2012.pdfVolume XXVII, No. 4
Summer 2012Monterey Sports Center Turns TwentyCityFocus_Summer2012.pdfVolume XXVII, No. 3
Spring 2012Historic Landmark DistrictCityFocus_Spring2012.pdfVolume XXVII, No. 2
Winter 2011/12Economic EngineCityFocus_Winter2012.pdfVolume XXVII, No. 1
Fall 2011Celebrating Art and HistoryCityFocus_Fall2011.pdfVolume XXVI, No. 3
Summer 2011City Balances BudgetCityFocus_Summer2011.pdfVolume XXVI, No. 2
Spring 2011City Faces $5 Million Budget Gapcityfocus_spring11.pdfVolume XXVI, No. 1
Fall 2010Monterey Launches Priority-based Budgeting: Seeks Community Input cityfocus_fall10.pdfVolume XXV, No. 4
Summer 2010Fighting Prescription Drug Abusecityfocus_summer10.pdfVolume XXV, No. 3
Spring 2010Waterfront Master Plancityfocus_spring10.pdfVolume XXV, No. 2
Winter 2010Buy Local Montereycityfocus_winter10.pdfVolume XXV, No. 1
Fall 2009City Finds Budget Solutioncityfocus_fall09.pdfVolume XXIV, No. 2
Spring 2009Bracing for Budget Cutscityfocus_spring09.pdfVolume XXIV, No. 1
Winter 2008City Budget Realitiescityfocus_winter08.pdfVolume XXIII, No. 4
Fall 2008A Challenging Economycityfocus_fall08.pdfVolume XXIII, No. 3
Summer 2008City Sparkles This Summercityfocus_summer08.pdfVolume XXIII, No. 2
Spring 2008Investing in the Futurecityfocus_spring08.pdfVolume XXIII, No. 1
Winter 2007Green Building Expocityfocus_winter07.pdfVolume XXII, No. 4
Fall 2007City Council Crafts New Visioncityfocus_fall07.pdfVolume XXII, No. 3
Summer 2007New Police Chief Sworn Incityfocus_summer07.pdfVolume XXII, No. 2
Spring 2007Your Information Resourcecityfocus_spring07.pdfVolume XXII, No. 1