2014 Ballot Measure Advisory Committee

Committee Members


Carol Chorbajian, Vice Chair
     CCM&E Destination Services

Toni Bau
     Portola Hotel & Spa

Ed Prohaska
     Monterey Bay Aquarium

Moyara Ruehsen


John Tilley, Chair

Daniel Baldwin

Jane DeLay

Norm Edwards

Kenneth Gordon

Bob Massaro

Sam Phillips

Bill Proulx

Julianne Sweeney

Contact Finance

Jimmy Forbis
Finance Director
(831) 646-3940

Latest Updates
  • At its August 5, 2014 meeting, the Monterey City Council unanimously approved placing a sales tax measure on the November ballot. The ballot measure, which was recommended by the Temporary Ballot Measure Advisory Committee, seeks a one-cent per dollar increase in the sales tax and sunsets in four years. Proceeds from the special-use tax would be used to fix streets, sidewalks and storm drains. An oversight committee would review use of the funds.
  • At the same meeting, the City Council adopted Resolution 14-143, disbanding the Temporary Ballot Measure Advisory Committee.
At the April 15, 2014 City Council meeting, the Council approved moving forward with a public education and community outreach program in preparing for a possible revenue ballot measure in November 2014. As part of this outreach effort, the Council approved forming a Temporary Ballot Measure Advisory Committee that would be responsible for:
  • Advising the City on the outreach program.
  • Assisting in arranging community group meetings.
  • And most importantly, asking tough questions about the City’s finances, including where City resources come from, how they are used, fiscal challenges that the City has faced in the past, what the City has done in responding to them, whether it is using “best practices” in managing its financial affairs, challenges facing the City in the future and options for addressing them.

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