Within the City of Monterey, many departments issue permits or licenses for a variety of enterprises. These include, but are not limited to: building permits, business licenses, permits to conduct a business from your home, permits for business signs, and use permits that allow specific activities on a property.

Refer to Permits A-Z at the right to determine which City Department grants specific permits or licenses and to determine fees associated with permits.

You may also contact the Plans & Public Works Department if you have any questions, either at the Building Permit & Inspection Services Division, or at the Planning, Engineering and Environmental Compliance Division.

Business Licenses
Dog Licenses
Home OccupationsAdobe PDF


  • Assembly Permit ApplicationAdobe PDF Complete for street closure, parade, amplified sound, assembly or race permit.
  • Film Permit ApplicationAdobe PDF
  • Permit Release Waiver Adobe PDF
  • For Taxi and Massage Permits please call (831) 646-3837.
  • Alarm Permit ApplicationAdobe PDF Monterey Municipal Code Section 22-9.1 requires that all alarm devices within the City of Monterey be approved by the Monterey Police Department and a permit issued. Please make your payment payable to: City of Monterey The fees for false alarm activations are billed monthly and are on a cumulative basis from July 1 through June 30 of each year. Please ensure that your alarm device is in good working order and appropriate training has been provided to all individuals responsible for its operation. See the Police link on the Master Fee Schedule for all fees.


Tent/Canopy Permit Application and Regulations Adobe PDF