North Fremont Specific Plan - Adopted April 1, 2014 and amended August 17, 2016

North Fremont SPDevelopment of a Specific Plan for the North Fremont Commercial Corridor is currently underway. The project area includes the North Fremont Street corridor, which extends from Highway 1 to the west, to Canyon Del Rey (Highway 218) to the east (Planning Area Map). Under California law, local governments can use Specific Plans as tools to plan for needed revitalization and change, both in existing neighborhoods and new development areas. Specific Plans provide greater planning and design guidance than can be included in a General Plan, and they allow local governments the ability to address complex land ownership patterns and infrastructure needs. Specific Plans can jump-start new development in depressed areas, and can ensure that the public gets the quality it desires in any new development.

The vision of the North Fremont Specific Plan is to create a livable community and a revitalized destination point on North Fremont Street for residents and visitors.  It will provide guidance for the development of transit-oriented, mixed-use development along the North Fremont Street corridor, as directed by the City of Monterey General Plan goals and policies.  This project will be accomplished through creative and direct community engagement.

Public Meetings, Workshops and Outreach

City Council April 1, 2014 Agenda
North Fremont Subcommittee March 12, 2014 Agenda
City Council February 18, 2014 Agenda
Planning Commission Meeting December 10, 2013 Agenda
Community Meeting- Casanova Oak Knoll Park Center December 4, 2013 Flyer
Architectural Review Committee Meeting November 13, 2013 Agenda
Architectural Review Committee Meeting November 6, 2013 Agenda
Subcommittee Meeting #13 November 1, 2013 Agenda
Planning Commission Meeting January 22, 2013 Agenda
Subcommittee Meeting #12 January 9, 2013 Agenda
Subcommittee Meeting #11 November 27, 2012 Agenda
Subcommittee Meeting #10 November 16, 2012 Agenda
Planning Commission Meeting October 23, 2012 Agenda
Subcommittee Meeting #9 October 5, 2012 Agenda
Subcommittee Meeting #8 February 17, 2012 Agenda
Subcommittee Meeting #7 February 2, 2012 Agenda
Subcommittee Meeting #6 June 6, 2011 Workshop Agenda
Subcommittee Meeting #5 May 19, 2011 Workshop Agenda
Subcommittee Meeting #4 April 13, 2011 Workshop Agenda
Workshop #4 – Preferred Alternative November 10, 2010 Workshop Agenda
Workshop Summary
Workshop #3 – Evaluate Alternatives September 22, 2010 Workshop Agenda
Workshop Materials
Workshop Summary
Subcommittee Meeting #3 - Evaluate Alternatives September 13, 2010  
Workshop #2 – Vision and Goals, Formulate Plan Alternatives June 5, 2010 Workshop Summary
Subcommittee Meeting #2 - Review Vision and Goals
May 12, 2010
Workshop #1 – Existing Conditions, Issues, Vision, and Goals April 7, 2010 Workshop Summary
Subcommittee Meeting #1 - Review Existing Conditions March 26, 2010  

Land Use and Development - Objectives, Standards and Guidelines

  1. Uses 48
  2. Site Planning 51
    General 51
    Topography 54
    Open space 55
    Trash, Service & Equipment Areas 58
    Parking 59
  3. Building Design, Mass, and Scale 61
  4. Building Materials and Colors 65
  5. Lighting 66
  6. Signs 67

The purpose of this section is to provide objectives, standards and guidelines for new land uses and development within the Planning Area. While the Specific Plan goals define the Specific Plan vision at varying levels of specificity, the purpose of the land use and development objectives is to provide a measurement for how adequately a project implements the Specific Plan vision and goals. When a project is analyzed for consistency with the Specific Plan, the objectives will serve as findings for approval. A citation of how the project meets a specific guideline or guidelines could serve as support for the findings.

What’s the Difference Between a Standard and a Guideline?

A standard is a requirement for all new development. However, a guideline suggests how a development might achieve a particular design objective. If a project incorporates features that are inconsistent with a particular guideline, the features may be deemed appropriate if adequate support is provided that the features achieve the particular objective.

1. Uses
The vision of the North Fremont Specific Plan is to host a wide range of business types, including neighborhood-serving commercial, restaurants, full-service hotels and/or motels, and development containing a mix of uses including business, retail and residential. All uses in the table on the following page must be found consistent with the objectives, as applicable.

Use Standards Fronting North Fremont Fronting Side Streets or Fairgrounds Road Fronting Bruce Lane or Kolb
Assembly - Major C P C
Assembly – Minor, First floor P P P
Assembly Minor, above first floor P P C
Food & Beverage Sales - Major C C C
Food & Beverage Sales - Minor P P C
Park and Recreation Facilities P P P
Parking Area - Public C C C
Parking - Subgrade C C C
Residential, first floor C* P* P*
Residential, above first floor P* P* P*
Retail sales - Major P P C
Retail sales - Minor P P C
Restaurant - Major P P C
Restaurant - Minor P P C
Seating outside - Incidental, major P C C
Service - Minor, first floor P P C
Service - Minor, above first floor P P C
Temporary uses P P P
Utility, Major C C C
Utility, Minor P P P
Visitor Accommodation Facility As allowed in City Code
* Use Permit Required if Residential density exceeds 30 dwelling units per acre