Development Projects

As of April, 2016

Project Name Project Address/Location Developer Status Description
Paseo De Alvarado Renovations 301 -375 Alvarado Mr. Valenti Planning and building permits approved Convert nightclub to 22 residential units
Monterey Hotel Expansion 406 Alvarado PRI LLC Planning and building permits approved 24 unit hotel room addition
4,611 square feet of retail space
18 residential units
Van Buren Senior Housing 637 Van Buren City Planning permits approved 19 residential units
230 Lighthouse 230 Lighthouse Carl Outzen Planning and building permits approved 7,710 sf. of commercial/retail area
32 residential units
459 Alvarado 459 Alvarado Work Family Planning and building permits approved 11,478 square feet of commercial use
21 residential units
449 Calle Principal 449 Calle Principal WRD Architect for Mr. Davi Planning permits approved 1,361 square feet of commercial
18 residential units
Ocean View Plaza 480 Cannery Row Aqua Legacy Planning permits approved 87,362 square feet of commercial use
30,000 square feet of restaurant space
8,408 square feet of coastal/community use,
51 residential units
520 - 522 Fremont 520-522 Fremont Cosentino 2000 Family Trust, Cosentino 1995 Family Trust, and Anthony, Nella, and Louie Cosentino Planning permits approved ,423 square feet of commercial use
14 residential units
Del Monte Beach Resubdivision Del Monte Beach Individually Owned 4 Houses Complete
1 House Under Construction
1 Building Permit Issued
8 Vacant Lots with Issued Building Permits
The Del Monte Beach Resubdivision Project involved re-subdividing multiple lots into 14 single-family lots.
Iris Canyon Residential Care Facility Iris Canyon SRM Development Planning and building permits approved 110 unit residential care facility
Strangio Apartments 600 Irving Eugene Strangio Planning permits approved. No water allocated for the development. 5 residential units
Math and Science Building 1430 Mark Thomas Santa Catalina School Planning and building permits approved 27,323 square foot school building
2969 Monterey Salinas Hwy. 2969 Monterey Salinas Hwy. John Anderson and Perry Miller Planning permits approved. 59,520 square foot office project
Greek Orthodox Church 3051 Monterey-Salinas Highway Greek Orthodox Church of St. John Planning permits approved 8,300 square feet
595 Munras 595 Munras Foothill Partners Planning and building permits approved 5,600 square feet of commercial space
10 residential units
2201 North Fremont 2201 North Fremont Nelson Vega Planning permits approved 1,700 square feet of commercial space
6 residential units
MIIS Master Plan Pierce Street MIIS Planning permits approved 20 year master plan
10-20 Ryan Court 10-20 Ryan Court Ryan Court Investors Planning and building permits approved 108,000 square feet automobile storage facility 9,800 square-foot office space
2 Upper Ragsdale Drive 2 Upper Ragsdale Drive Community Hospital Properties Planning permits approved 66,173 square feet office building
Monterey Conference Center 1 Portola Plaza City of Monterey Planning and building permits approved Significant building renovation

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