1. Provide proposal of course content that includes the following information:

  • Description of course
  • Targeted age group
  • Proposed fee schedule
  • Preferred day and time of course
  • Minimum and maximum number of participants
  • Length of course and frequency (i.e., 4, 6, 8, week sessions or 1-day workshop)

Please look through the current Activities Guide as a reference for composing the program proposal. Be advised that the ages, fees, days, etc. are subject to approval and availability. The department will determine which center is the most appropriate location for the class.

2. Please submit a resume and no less than three references. The references should include previous teaching experience referrals.

3. Be aware that the Activities Guide is prepared well in advance of publication (approximately 4 to 5 months lead time.)

  • Summer/Fall Activities Guide includes June through November.
  • Winter/Spring Activities Guide includes December through May

Classes can be offered outside of the Activities Guide. However, the Guide is a primary mode of advertising. The City provides Public Service Announcements, this Web site, and flyers as additional means of advertisement. A contractor may place newspaper display ads at City of Monterey discount rates at their own expense following Recreation Coordinator approval of ad content.

4. The current contract specifies a 70/30% contractual split of funds collected, based on resident fees. The contractor receives 70%, and the City retains 30% to cover operating expenses.

5. The program proposal will be reviewed by the Recreation & Community Services Manager. If the program is consistent with the Recreation and Community Services Department criteria, and programming space and time is available, then you will be asked to participate in an interview. All programming is subject to final approval of the Department Head.

Job Openings

Casanova Oak Knoll Park Center is looking for a Part-time Lead Preschool Instructor. For more information, please refer to the Job Flyer and complete a part-time job application.

Instructors interested in leading specialty one or two day workshops. If you have a skill or talent and wish to teach a class, submit your proposal to:

Recreation & Community Services Manager Cindy Vierra 
546 Dutra Street 
Monterey, CA 93940 
(831) 646-3866

Monterey Recreation LogoCasanova Oak Knoll Park Center
735 Ramona
(831) 646-5665

Hilltop Park Center
871 Jessie Street
(831) 646-3975

Scholze Park Center
280 Dickman Street
(831) 646-3878

Monterey Youth Center
777 Pearl Street
(831) 646-3873