City-Owned Property Management

The City of Monterey's Housing and Property Management Office is responsible for the administration and management of city-owned properties including all tasks outlined below:

Property and Lease Administration

Provide property and lease tracking, reporting and lease enforcement on 150 leased properties and concessions and 300 separate City-owned properties.

Property Services

Perform general administrative, technical and coordination functions and preparation of lease and transaction documents, market surveys, financial analyses, appraisals reviews, negotiations and escrow management to support acquisition of privately owned properties for development or land banking and to dispose of City-owned properties as required.

Special Projects

Provide property services to implement special City projects such as Neighborhood Improvement Program (NIP), Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Redevelopment projects and the Window-on-the-Bay project.


Maintain and update computer database files on City-owned and leased properties; provide support and policy recommendations as required on property-related matters; coordinate with other City offices as required on property-related matters; provide property-related information and services to the public and other agencies.

Contact Information

For more information regarding the City-owned properties Program, please contact Rick Marvin, Housing and Property Manager, Housing and Property Management Office, via telephone at (831) 646-3995 or email at

Voice: (831) 646-3995
Fax: (831) 646-5616
7-1-1 (Hearing Impaired)

Rick Marvin
Housing Programs
Voice: (831) 646-1567

Maryn Miller
Administrative Analyst
Voice: (831) 646-5614

C. Thane Wilson
HCD Coordinator - Projects & Programs
Voice: (831) 646-3728

Sandy Barajas
Accounting Assistant
Voice: (831) 646-1568

Housing Programs
353 Camino El Estero
Monterey, CA 93940

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