Plans and Public Works Department

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PPW Administration
526 Pierce St.
Monterey, CA 93940
(831) 646-3462
Fax (831) 646-3467

Dino Pick
Deputy City Manager, Plans and Public Works

Chip Rerig
Chief of Planning, Engineering
& Environmental Compliance

Jaci Abadilla
Executive Assistant I

Terry Fink
Senior Administrative Analyst

Scott Connolly
Accounting Specialist

Code Compliance

Welcome to your online guide to the Plans and Public Works Department. As the largest department at the City we are responsible for a huge array of services, from streets and storm drains, housing and property management, to code compliance and neighborhood improvement.

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Departmental Budget
Environmental Programs
Fleet Operations
Human Resources
Legislative Affairs
Federal Contracts

Capital Projects Main
    CIP and NIP Projects
    On-Call Contracts
    Program Management Services
    Sidewalk Repairs
    Project Management of Federal Projects

General Services Main
    Building Maintenance
    Custodial Services
    Presidio Operations
    Design and Project Management of Federal Projects
    City and Army Energy Project Dev. and Construction
    Design and Project Management of Minor Facility Projects

Park Maintenance Main
    Parks and Recreation Commission
    Urban Forestry
    Cemetery Operations
    Beach Maintenance
    Storm Drains
    Sign Fabrication
    Street Functions/Presidio
    Traffic Signal and Street Light Maintenance

Building Permit & Inspection Services
    Plan Check
    Building Inspection
    Permits - Building, Street Opening, Encroachment
    Green Building
    Inspections for COM, CIP, NIP, and Presidio
    Residential Property Inspection Program
    Plan Review and Inspections for Sand City and Del Rey Oaks
    Building Services for Pacific Grove
    City ADA Coordinator
    City Flood Plain Administrator

Planning Main
    Planning Commission
    Zoning Administration
    Code Compliance
    Use Permits

Engineering Main

    Storm Water
    Environmental Compliance and Review
    NIP Committee
    CIP/NIP Program Development

Housing/Property Management Main
    Home Ownership Programs
    Rental Programs
    City Owned Property Management
    Community Services Grants Program
Transportation Engineering Main
    Regional Planning & Grants
    Signal Timing/Coordination
    Traffic Laws, Parking Design & Citation Appeals
    Traffic Calming Program
    Safe Routes to Schools Program
    Bikeways Program
    Highway and Rail Projects
    Transportation & Climate Action Plan
    POM Traffic
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