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Sponsored by the Environmental Regulations Office



Hey Kids,

Can you imagine how fun it would it be to see your own artwork in public facilities citywide in Monterey admired by a lot of people passing it daily?


Contest Purpose:
The City has great interest in saving and preserving our local water resources for future generations, and ensuring its long term sustainability. Fresh water is limited but highly necessary and needed into our future, and so we must preserve our water and the environment now for the enjoyment of future generations. 

How to Participate:
Submit your drawing to Monterey’s Water Art Contest

  • Eligibility: All kids up to age of 12 are invited to submit their water art. One artwork per person can be submitted.
  • Art Contents: Draw any image that comes to mind when thinking about the importance of saving and preserving water at home, in school, in the environment, for local wildlife and future generations. (All artwork must be appropriate and public-friendly.)

Submittal Details:
Submit your drawing by mail or online using the upload feature below by June 20, 2016.
Mailing address:
Water Art Contest
580 Pacific Street
Monterey, CA 93940

City Recognition:
Select water art may be displayed with important water outreach and environmental messages in high water use facilities such as public restrooms and drinking fountain locations citywide. Those participants will receive city recognition with a certificate for their effort.

Help us make Monterey a role model in protecting local water resources like the Monterey Bay, our wildlife and the water supply of future generations, and be an example for your friends, family and the visitors from around the world. Your art will support our goal to educate people about wise and protective use of water resources locally and for generations to come.

We look forward to receiving your entry! Thank you!

If you have any questions about the contest please contact us:
Voice: (831) 646-3895
Email: wotan@monterey.org

Upload Artwork Here

Artist's information and parent's signature must be uploaded as a second page with the art. Art-only uploads will not be used.

Call 242-8750 if you have any questions