It is the policy of the City of Monterey to increase the financial assets of the City by seeking out and pursuing funding opportunities for programs and projects that will benefit the City and its residents.

The Finance Department Grant Coordinator oversees resource development, grant writing, and the research of available grants. With a tight municipal budget and limited funds, as well as, the desire to maximize return and prioritize the use of city funds, the utilization of grants is a critical element of the City’s ability to provide programs and services that enhance our community’s quality of life.

Below is the status of current grant awards benefiting our City. As you review the many city projects underway, you can see how grant funding has enabled an important project become reality, and increased the City’s ability to fund a wider variety of projects.

Examples of Grant Funded Projects

Grant Amount Project Description Project Status Source of Funds
$13,525 Police Dept. - Vehicle Side-View Video Cameras Completed Dept. of Justice - JAG
$11,358 Police Dept. - Interrogation Room Video Recording System In Progress Dept. of Justice - JAG
$11,000 Police Dept. - Bulletproof Vest Completed Dept. of Justice - JAG
$27,375 Urban Forest Management Plan Completed CalFire
$235,000 Ocean Local Coastal Protection Plan In Progress CA Coastal Commission
$110,00 Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety Education0 In Progress CA Office of Traffic Safety
$50,000 Laguna Grande Park Soccer Field Turf Installation Completed Cal-Am Water Company & Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District
$27,000 Electric Vehicle Incentive Replacement Completed Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District
$384,025 New Monterey Lighthouse Adaptive Signal Control In Progress Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District
$6,480,000 North Fremont Bicycle & Pedestrian Access Improvement In Progress Active Transportation Program/Gas Tax Fund/TAMC-RSTP
$3,500,000 Holman Hwy Roundabout Project In Progress Pebble Beach Company/TAMC-RSTP/Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District
$7,700 Can & Bottle Recycling Projects Annual Funding for Recylcing Projects in Monterey CalRecycle
$100,000 Construction/Renovation of Monterey Guest Dock Completed CA Dept. of Boating & Waterways
$20,000 Economic Vitality Grant: Fisheries Improvement District In Progress PG&E
$16,800,580 City Wide Sewer System Rehabilitation In Progress State Water Resources Control Board
$10,500 Fire Dept. - Shore Operations Program Boat Operator Training In Progress State Homeland Security Grant Program
$10,000 Fire Dept. - Shore Operations Program Boat Operator Training In Progress Monterey County Office of Emergency Services (OES)
$20,000 Colton Hall ADA Assessment Study Completed Community Foundation for Monterey County

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