Monterey's Fourth of July Parade Monterey's Fourth of July Parade

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  • Complete the Special Event Proposal form first. Once your proposal is approved, we will let you know which of these permit applications you need to complete.
  • For large events that happen annually, please complete the Special Event Packet. If you are unsure which form to start with, please give us a call, (831) 646-3770.
  • Prices are subject to change. This page is a guide and may not have the latest fees posted. Links are to permit applications, not permits.
  • Most permit applications area available as interactive Adobe PDFs. Save to your computer, complete and email to us at
  • If you have any questions, please call (831) 646-3770.


Permit Type Description and Fee Managing Office
Assembly, street closure, parade, amplified sound or race $varies
Complete for street closure, parade, amplified sound, assembly or race permit. A 4 hour minimum charge per officer if police presence is needed at an event where there are street closures; cost depends on the type of event.
City Manager's Office
Banners For banners in the right of way - billed for actual costs of service - Streets
For other banners associated with temporary use cases $10.72. Permit must be obtained in person from the Planning Office - Planning
Streets or Planning

For events held at a City park

For events held at a City beach

Bounce House/Inflatables

Event Permit $500
Wedding Permit $150 Mtry Res/$180 non-resident
Group BBQ/Picnic Facility Use at Park or Beach Permit $50/$65
Bounce House/Inflatable Permit $42 See for more on City of Monterey parks and beaches, and page 3 of the Master Fee Schedule for more Recreation fees and permits. Please note: Custom House Plaza and other parks in Monterey are managed by the State of California. See more information on State Parks use fees.
Film, including waiver/hold harmless $350 Police
Parking Spaces Parking fees based on daily rate for number of spaces reserved plus 20% overhead. Slightly different for large groups. Parking
Temporary Business License $27
All vendors participating in any Monterey special event that do not currently have a City business license must submit an application. Monterey County Fair vendors are exempt from obtaining a temporary business license.
Temporary Encroachment $159 Building
Tent/Canopy Use $78 (200-1000 sq feet)
$117 (1001-2000 sq feet)
$156 (over 2000 sq feet)
$50 Trade show set-up review Special events stand-by (Fire) - fully burdened cost
Fire Regulations for Portable Exterior Farmers Market and Festival Cooking Booths
Traffic Control Plan Review Fee $108
Traffic Control Plan Quick Reference
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